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Keeping up with advances in technology can be a challenge but with GE Capital’s Equipment Finance for Healthcare you have flexibility to upgrade or add equipment when you need it.

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What we offer

Delivering better healthcare to more people at a lower cost isn't just lip service. We know that it takes deep industry expertise, a commitment to innovation and a flexible financing partner.

GE Capital & GE are premier providers of capital and services to the healthcare industry within New Zealand and globally, with investments in hospitals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Keeping up with the latest medical technologies is a capital intensive proposition but with the right financing package you can have the flexibility to upgrade or add equipment when you need it.

We have developed flexible Operating Lease options and affordable equipment purchase plans to help you acquire the healthcare equipment you want, without hindering your financial flexibility. In addition, we can purchase your existing assets via a Sale and Leaseback agreement, allowing for immediate cash injection into your business.

Our Equipment Finance team work closely with our GE Healthcare specialists, accessing the industry expertise that allows us to offer a range of finance products developed specifically to accommodate the needs of businesses operating within the healthcare industry.

How it works

GE Capital has a full suite of products specifically designed for the healthcare market and understands there is a balance between maintaining working capital and having the proper equipment.

We can tailor packages to meet your needs by offering you a sale and leaseback solution, term loans, asset based and cash flow loans.

Our Fully Maintained Operating Lease is structured to afford the greatest flexibility over the life of an asset; enabling one easy payment for all capital and maintenance costs. This option can also help provide protection against technological obsolescence by giving you a choice to purchase, continue to rent or simply return the equipment at the end of term.

With a Non-Maintained Operating Lease, you pay for the use of the equipment without any right or obligation to purchase at the end of equipment’s lifecycle. This option reduces impact on annual budgets, allowing you to reinvest your capital and reduce risk of financial loss due to technological obsolescence.

If your business is looking to free up capital, we can purchase your existing owned equipment and lease it back to you on a finance agreement that suits your business requirements. With your lease you now have a flexible way to manage your equipment needs, allowing you to add, remove or upgrade equipment.


GE Capital Equipment Finance for Healthcare businesses may provide you with a number of benefits.

Benefits for your business, which may include:

  • Extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry
  • Local teams with both financial and healthcare industry expertise
  • Complete range of financial products developed for the healthcare sector
  • A finance partner who understands our customers' need to balance technology and equipment requirements while managing availability of working capital
  • A finance partner with the ability to take residual risk and provide facilities secured by the equipment alone, both new and used
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