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Leasing can free up cash flow & provide an easy path to expanding & upgrading your equipment. It also reduces the risks of ownership for your business & end of term asset disposal risks.

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What we offer

GE Capital offers a flexible way to manage your equipment needs through equipment leasing.

Leasing gives your business the flexibility to add, or upgrade equipment which is suitable to your business requirements without using your capital upfront to purchase it.

Our dedicated team will work with you to structure a leasing arrangement that works best for your business, whether you are looking to acquire equipment for growth, reduce company debt or manage the costs of equipment maintenance, we can assist.

How it works

GE Capital’s Operating Leases are designed to help you maximise your liquidity, optimise your balance sheet, help manage your cash-flow, minimise your risks of inlife and end of term ownership.

If your business is looking for a hassle free option to manage costs and on-going maintenance of your assets, our Fully Maintained Operating Lease is the ideal solution. It is structured to offer the greatest cost certainty over the term of the lease.

A Fully Maintained Operating Lease is simply the hiring of an asset for use over a specific period. A monthly rental is established at the commencement of the contract, which includes all scheduled servicing and maintenance costs and registration renewal.

However, if you prefer a more “hands on” approach to managing your equipment, a Non-Maintained Operating Lease could be a suitable option.

A Non-Maintained Operating Lease option includes all the advantages of leasing and presents a simple, straightforward financial solution to fund your equipment. This type of lease provides the right to use equipment only, the responsibility of maintaining and servicing the equipment is yours.


Leasing may offer your business a variety of benefits.

Benefits for your business, which may include:

  • Efficient use of capital, allowing you to invest in core business operations
  • Maintenance agreements can be included in your operating lease which helps control the fixed costs of your machinery
  • Typically lower monthly payments compared to a traditional loan, resulting in a lower impact on your cash-flow
  • Monthly lease payments are fixed and predictable enabling organisations to manage costs with certainty
  • May assist with Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounting Metrics
  • Lease payments may be tax deductible
  • Provides another source of finance without conflicting with existing bank lines of credit
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