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Selling your equipment to GE Capital through our Sale and Leaseback solution gives you an immediate injection of funds and a simpler balance sheet position.

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What we offer

Balancing your operational needs and business requirements can be challenging. Sometimes the solution can sit with your assets.

If you are looking to free up capital for investment or reduce exposure to residual value risk, a tailored GE Capital Sale & Leaseback solution could help you meet your requirements.

By selling your equipment to us you get an immediate injection of funds by releasing the capital tied up in your equipment. And you are left with a simpler balance sheet and a single monthly payment on your newly leased equipment.

It’s all the benefits of ownership without the headaches and you get to choose whether you want the lease fee to include servicing and maintenance or whether you want to maintain that role.

We tailor a solution for you that best suits and supports your business strategies.

How it works

With GE Capital, Sale & Leaseback is a smooth transition from ownership to leasing.

We simply purchase your existing owned or financed assets, and then lease them back to you, allowing you to continue using the assets without delaying your business operations.

This process gives your business an immediate cash injection to ease cash flow pressures, enhance your credit position and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

Sale & Leaseback is a flexible way to manage your equipment needs and business requirements, as it allows you to add, or upgrade equipment when it best suits you.

Assets may be acquired by us using one of the following methodologies:

  • Market value – The highest price a willing buyer (GE Capital) would pay and a willing seller would accept (your business) for a given asset, with both interested parties fully disclosing all information regarding the asset.
  • Written down/book value – The net book value of an asset after accounting for depreciation or amortisation during the life of the asset.
  • Payout value from existing finance arrangements – a copy of statement of assets from your existing finance company, outlining the current outstanding finance amount including any interest payments.


Sale and Leaseback may provide your business with a number of benefits.

Benefits for your business, which may include:

  • Immediate cash injection
  • You can use proceeds for a range of uses including
    • Paying down debt
    • Enhancing liquidity
    • Asset investment
    • Acquisition
  • The ability to sell your assets while maintaining your right to use them immediately
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