Inventory & Floor Plan Finance for Dealers

A dedicated inventory funding line gives you the ability to stock more and sell more inventory with the added benefit of freeing up your cash flow and reducing your administration costs.

Rhys Trusler

Strategic Relationship Manager

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Rhys Trusler

What we offer

GE Capital can tailor a financing solution for managing your inventory. Our dedicated inventory finance team will work with you to customise finance options that will help you build your business for today and tomorrow.

Our smart financing leaves your traditional banking lines free to expand your business. This may improve your cash flow and access to working capital, giving you the capacity to carry more stock by bulk purchasing, which in turn may lower your freight costs and increases your purchasing power.

Our Inventory and Floor Plan Finance for Dealers is a line of credit that can be adapted to meet sales growth and be adjusted to suit seasonal changes.

And we can help you drive sales with greater flexibility to showcase a complete line of products or to better co-ordinate seasonal purchases and new model launches.

With our online reporting and account management systems, you can review the underlying trends and analytics behind your financials and inventory, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your business.

With our system, you can break down information and see details like the finance on each inventory item, as well as finance payments past, current and future.

You can track historical interest billings, cumulative interest on any product and subsidised or adjusted billing periods.

We can also give volume breakdowns by month to date or year to date, and inventory tracking including invoice dates, serial numbers and product descriptions.

How it works

Inventory Finance is a revolving line of credit facility that allows the borrower to obtain finance for stock for retail proposes. When each piece of stock is sold by the dealer, the loan advance for that stock is repaid to us.

In short, Inventory Financing allows dealers to borrow against retail inventory. The dealer then repays the debt as they sell their inventory and borrows against the line of credit facility to add new inventory to their shop floor.


As a dealer, GE Capital’s Inventory and Floor Plan Finance may provide you with a variety of financial and administrative benefits for your business.

Benefits for your business such as:

  • The ability to purchase a full range of stock, allowing you to generate additional sales
  • A line of credit that can be adjusted to meet growth and seasonal changes that affect your business
  • One dedicated line of credit, avoiding the need for multiple loan agreements and simplifying the management of your finances
  • Providing the capacity to purchase inventory in bulk and creating savings on freight
  • An online inventory account management system allowing you to manage your own stock efficiently & effectively by reducing administration and operational costs
  • Providing a dedicated Relationship Manager who will service your account
  • Robust inventory control through our regular stock inspections

Commercial Distribution Finance Reference Rate, New Zealand

9.13% per annum

Effective from 1 February 2017