Inventory & Floor Plan Finance for Distributors

Help deliver added value to your dealer network through a financial mechanism that may improve your dealers’ business liquidity and stock variety. In addition you’ll receive payment upfront to help manage your cash flow.

Rhys Trusler

Strategic Relationship Manager

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Rhys Trusler

What we offer

GE Capital’s Inventory and Floor Plan Finance generally facilitates the movement of finished inventory between Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers.

Being involved in all stages of the distribution cycle means we know what kind of financing solutions will help you keep your business moving forward.

We can tailor a financing solution for managing your inventory from the manufacturing process to getting it to your dealer network. You can incentivise your dealer network to stock and sell more inventory by subsidising extended payment terms with us. When a dealer receives stock financed by us, you can avoid the fixed expenses of assuming and processing the dealer risk.

Our Inventory and Floor Plan Finance solution for distributors and dealers is a line of credit that can be adjusted to meet sales growth and seasonal changes. And we can help you drive sales with greater flexibility to showcase a complete line of product through your dealers or better co-ordinate seasonal products and demonstrate new model launches by setting up flexible demo programs. In addition, we provide you with comprehensive reporting on aged inventory levels, utilisation of credit facility and external economic factors that may influence your business operations.

How it works

Distributors with a GE Capital Inventory and Floor Plan Finance solution can enable your dealer network to have a dedicated line of credit.

This dedicated line of credit can be allocated between your approved dealer network agreed at rates between us, based on dealers’ individual funding requirements. In addition, this dedicated individual funding line provides your dealer network with the ability to stock a complete range of inventory without involving their working capital. Our financing solution allows you to concentrate on manufacturing and distributing your product efficiently without the need of worrying about your dealer network as we manage the financial relationship.

Our team of experts will work with you to design customised programs structured to generate enhanced liquidity and profitability for you and your dealer network.


As a distributor, a GE Capital Inventory and Floor Plan Finance solution provides a variety of financial and administration benefits for your business.

Benefits for your business, which may include:

  • Improving cash flow through quick, guaranteed payment, reducing cash flow pressures and risk to account terms
  • A solution allowing you to incentivise your dealer network to stock and sell more inventory by subsidising payments terms
  • Avoiding fixed expenses of assuming and processing the dealer credit risk
  • Providing a dedicated inventory line of credit that leaves your traditional banking lines free for working capital requirements
  • Providing a solution that helps you manage seasonal and geographical factors that may affect your business cycle
  • Providing a dedicated Relationship Manager who will service your account
  • Online stock management system for efficient account management minimising administration and operational costs

Commercial Distribution Finance Reference Rate, New Zealand

9.13% per annum

Effective from 1 February 2017