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Three years ago we went through a complete transformation in the way we approached sales. At GE, we did two things at the same time - we upped the bar on what we demanded of our sales team in terms of experience and specialisation, and we significantly invested in and advanced the capabilities of our CRM system. These two separate movements came together to create what we now term Sales 3.0.

First of all, we decided that we had to offer our clients credible opinions on their business, particularly because so many were being hit by the recession. We simply had to bring them valuable solutions or we weren’t helping them. As a result, we knew our sales force needed to become far more specialised—this was no longer a relationship business built around playing golf. This shift required incredible change management. It meant that we either trained our existing sales force or hired a different type of salesperson—both of which we ended up doing.

New technology and more specialised salespeople significantly up the quality of deals

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