Mid-Market Industry Spotlight


Being a family-owned-and-operated business, Tranzliquid appreciates more than most the value of a strong company culture and core values.

“The success of the business relies on attracting and retaining the best people. We are not only looking for operators with the necessary skill and experience, it’s also important to maintain our strong brand, culture and values. Having the right attitude is essential,” said Greg Pert, Tranzliquid founder and director.

Greg founded Tranzliquid with partner Jackie Carroll in 2000 and continues to operate the business with a “keep it simple” approach. Operating in an industry with highly demanding legislative requirements, Tranzliquid aims to keep processes and systems simple and effective. The company now has more than 25 employees, but over the past 13 years recruitment has changed significantly. The aim is to ensure new operators fit into the existing culture and values.

Tranzliquid will continue to innovate and improve the way we do business, as well as identifying new business opportunities. Tranzliquid is a company that prefers to be a leader in the industry, not a follower.

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