2014 Mid-Market Report

This report looks at the contribution the Mid-Market makes to the country's economic performance and the unique challenges facing this sector.

New Zealand’s Mid-Market; diverse, strong, and growing

When it comes to the businesses that are driving the New Zealand economy, small business and Corporate or large businesses take the lion-share of the attention. But there is another sector that deserves attention. The Mid-Market is often overlooked, but is having a dramatic impact on our country. They’re optimistic, they’re resilient, and they’re bullish about their growth and the growth of New Zealand

Why is the Mid-Market important to New Zealand’s success?

Although the Mid-Market makes up just 6.6% of NZ’s total businesses, the Mid-Market punches well above their weight in terms of their annual sales, the number of jobs they create, and their contribution to New Zealand’s GDP. They’re supporting NZ’s vital sectors including agriculture and forestry, tourism, manufacturing, and wholesaling.

Find out which critical NZ industries are growing due to the success of the Mid-Market in the 2014 Mid-Market Report.

What does it mean to be a Mid-Market business in New Zealand?

In this year’s Mid-Market Report we profile five successful New Zealand Mid-Market companies. Learn about Farro Fresh’s growth story, how McLeod Cranes is using technology to attract talent, the way Family Boats have carved out a niche in their industry, how Rangiora Transport has changed the way it makes decisions, and how K9 Natural Foods have used New Zealand’s reputation for quality to build a successful export business.

Read their stories in the 2014 Mid-Market Report

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