Mid-Market in New Zealand

The Mid-Market, defined as businesses with annual turnover of between $2-$50 million dollars, is the driving force behind New Zealand’s economy.

Mid-Market businesses in New Zealand

If you watch the news, you’ll know all about what’s happening at the big companies, those that are listed on the stock exchange. And you’ll probably also be familiar with the challenges faced by start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME’s. But what about the businesses that sit in between? You might not think there is much to know but it turns out there is a Mid-Market made up of a relatively small number of companies that are pretty important. Find out more by watching the video.

What is the Mid-Market?

It’s a small sector – made up of just 33,800* businesses (which represents 6.6%* of all NZ business), but what they make is anything but small. The Mid-Market contributes more than $66.2 billion* to our GDP, and provides the equivalent of 1 in 3* full time jobs. The Mid-Market is resilient, innovative, and is growing at a rate faster than other business sectors. That’s why we’re helping to raise awareness of the Mid-Market; it’s the growth engine of New Zealand.

*The main source of information on the New Zealand Mid-Market are Statistics New Zealand (Stats NZ) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) 2013.

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The 2015 report puts the spotlight squarely on New Zealand’s Mid-Market, companies with a turnover between $2 million to $50 million, many of which operate for much of the time under the radar.

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