Who we are

GE Capital New Zealand is a financial
services partner for Mid-Market
businesses, with over 30 years’
experience across New Zealand.

Who is GE Capital

GE Capital is part of GE, a global infrastructure and financial services company and the sixth largest brand in the world.

With our global experience, we can provide more than financing: we bring insight, knowledge and expertise to every loan. As a result, businesses that finance with GE Capital benefit from the global know-how and expertise of GE. We work with over 5,000 businesses across the country and we’re helping them to build a better business.

What we do

At GE Capital we are specialist financiers and are able to provide tailored, flexible and competitive financial solutions to New Zealand businesses.

With smart financing, in-depth industry expertise and an understanding of real-world challenges, we can help your business do more, make more, and sell more.

Business sectors

We work with over 5,000 businesses across New Zealand, from small business through to large corporate, and government departments.

However the majority of our customers sit within the Mid-Market, defined as having annual turnover between $2million and $50million. The Mid-Market accounts for only 4.8%* of businesses in New Zealand but they contribute 31% towards total GDP*.

We’re actively raising the profile of this vital sector, ensuring their unique business challenges are highlighted and discussed in industry forums and events, in the media, and with government.

*The main source of information on the New Zealand Mid-Market are Statistics New Zealand (Stats NZ) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) 2013.

What our customers say

We’re helping our customers to build a better business. Learn how partnering with GE Capital has helped these businesses thrive.

GE Capital in New Zealand

GE Capital is the leading specialist financial provider in New Zealand, working with more than 500,000 customers. GE Capital employs over 700 people in New Zealand and offers a range of financial solutions to a diverse range of industries and customers.

GE Capital is made up of several different business units providing financial solutions across both commercial and consumer markets.

GE Money is the consumer division of GE Capital. GE Money has provided personal financial services across the world for nearly 80 years and today serves over 110 million people in 55 countries. GE Money is a leading consumer finance solution for New Zealanders.

We offer a range of products including personal loans and credit cards. We also work with New Zealand’s leading retailers to offer flexible retail finance products. For more information please visit www.gemoney.co.nz

GE Volunteers

At GE, we believe we have a responsibility to support the communities where we operate. Our GE Volunteers programmes support a number of community organisations, including Duffy Books in Homes, Riding for the Disabled, and the Department of Conservation. Being a GE Volunteer is part of being a GE employee. In fact, we actively encourage our team to get involved by giving every employee a day off to volunteer each year.

In 2013, we donated over 5000 hours to our volunteer partners. In addition to building partnerships with charity organisations, we also support national fundraising appeals, including Jandal Day, and Loud Shirt Day.

GE Sustainability


We believe climate change is an important part of our environmental sustainability policy, so we wanted to build this into our everyday business practices – for staff, customers, and the wider community.

To do this, we chose the CEMARS® certification to provide a robust and independently verified framework for taking action on managing and reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Under the certification, we have set a goal to reduce our emissions. For more information see our public disclosure page at www.cemars.co.nz.

GE Sustainability

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